Don’t Give Up!

SERIES 2: EPISODE 2 Don’t Give Up, Our God is Bigger! You are Equipped for your Dreams! (Excerpts from Series 2: Episode 2) On this Episode, I interview Successful and Award-winning Network Marketing Consultant of many years, Shayo Alofe. She shares her Top Success Secrets which include: The right mindset Never Give Up Surround yourself with…

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Focus on the Vision

SERIES 2: EPISODE 1 Focus on the Vision, NOT the challenge! I CAN do All Things through Christ who strengthens me! (Excerpts from Series 2: Episode 1) On this Episode, I interview Claude Reid, MBE (an investiture from the Queen of England) on her Success Journey and Secrets to Success. She shares her Top Success…

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International Women’s Day 2018

A Happy International Women’s Day 2018 – #PressforProgress  

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Top 5 Content Types to Share on Instagram

I often get asked this question by business owners, what do I share on Instagram? There are numerous types of content types that can be shared on Instagram by Business owners, below, I share some of the top 5: 1.Inspirational and motivational quotes Encourage, inspire or motivate somebody. Bring a smile to their face. This…

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Do What You Are Made For!


Where Purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable – Myles Munroe This statement is so true in the everyday things of life we purchase, are given or use. How many times have you bought something or being given something or even have a machine in your workplace, used it “as you know how” for several…

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