Tobi’s Speaking Topics

Duration: 45-60 Minutes

Instagram Expert - Tobi Awoyemi

How to Succeed with a Winning Social Media Strategy

Are you struggling with How to use Social Media to Grow your Business?

In this session, Tobi takes you Step by Step through:

  • Creating your Social Media Business Goals
  • Choosing the Right Platforms for your Business
  • Finding and Deciding on the Right Content to Attract your Target Audience
  • How to Engage with your Target Audience on Social Media
  • How to Measure your Social Media efforts
  • How to convert your Social Media Followers to Customers

Tobi’s sessions on Social Media are very popular and highly sought-after by Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners alike.

How to Start and Grow your Instagram Community

Do you want to use Instagram to engage your Target Audience, gain more visibility and clients for your Business?

In this highly sought-after session, Tobi takes you Step by Step through:

  • How to Start Right on Instagram (the correct account to start on Instagram for Business)
  • How to create a Winning Instagram Profile (and Bio)
  • How to create great content quickly for Instagram
  • How to use Hashtags to attract your Ideal Clients on Instagram
  • How to Find Your Target Audience on Instagram
  • The Top Instagram Apps (I use) that will save you time everyday


10 Ways to Turn Your Passion into a Money-making Business

Is Monday – Friday too long and Friday – Sunday too short for you?

Are you in a job you don’t enjoy?

Would you rather make money from something you enjoy?

Is there something you are passionate about but don’t know how to make an income from?

In this session, Tobi introduces attendees to at least 10 different ways of making money from their Passion, Knowledge and Experience.

Attendees will find out why building a Business around your passion is crucial to Business Success, How to find your Profit Centre within the area of your Passion, at least 10 different products and services you can offer your target market and most importantly and at least 10 different ways to market Your products and services successfully!



I have heard Tobi speak at a number of functions I have attended, such as those organised by Gateway Chapel.

This year, one of the projects I am involved with, Lone Parents Can, invited Tobi to be a guest speaker to our members to encourage them to start their own business. Tobi’s own story of how she started was inspirational. Her delivery was clear and appropriate for the audience. She was able to answer all questions by members. At the end, the feedback from our members was positive and they were able to purchase her book. Tobi is an excellent speaker and we are looking forward to using her again for future events.

 – Genny Jones – Chair Person- Lone Parents Can


I loved the idea of your book, 101 Home Business Ideas. I bought your book, read it and got my friends and family to read it too. I thought I knew quite a lot about home businesses, but I was surprised to learn about some ideas I had never considered.

Your business start-up talks have been helpful in backing up your book, taking time out to explain the application of the ideas and giving pointers on the first steps towards running a home business.

 – Lami George – Systems Test Analyst and mother to 1 year old Tope George


101 home business idea is a must have for anyone who wants to earn extra money from home, it gives step by step, easy to use tips on how to start and grow a home business, Tobi Awoyemi is a fluent speaker who has inspired me through her talks on business growth.

 – Tope Oso
Insight – Providing housing and benefit advice to enhance income maximization.

To invite Tobi to speak at one of your Business, Women’s, Church or any other events, simply email Tobi@ExcelWoman.TV

Training Topics


How to Brand your Business (Gain Visibility and Create Awareness), Attract New Clients and Grow Your Business with Social Media 

At the end of this In-depth Training Programme, attendees will have created a plan that includes:

  • Which Social Media Platforms are Ideal for your Business and where to find your target audience
  • How to create winning Social Media Profiles and keep your Brand Consistent
  • What to Post on Social Media, When to Post and How often to Post
  • How to Create Awareness and Visibility for Your Brand with Social Media
  • How to create a Social Media Calendar that will Save You Time and Get You more Clients
  • How to attract your Ideal Client on Social Media
  • How to Build a Community with Social Media
  • How and Where to Find Your Ideal Client on Social Media
  • How to Build your Email List (grow a database of potential clients) with Social Media
  • How to Generates Sales and Clients with Social Media


THE KNOWLEDGE TO CASH PROGRAMME – How to turn your Passion, Experience and Knowledge to Profit by offering Products and Services that your Target Audience will Pay You for.

At this TOTAL Training Programme, attendees would have determined their:

• Areas of Passion and Interest;

• Areas of Knowledge and Experience;

• Profitable Niche Area or topic;

• Target Audience;

• Reasons Why You Should “Start Your Own Business Now” and Why it should be the Information Business!

You will also discover:

• How to Research your chosen Niche Area Online and Offline;

• 5 Different People Groups who will pay You for your Products and Services;

• 14 Different Products and Services that you can create from your Knowledge of a given Area / Topic;

• Internet Website addresses to get the very Best Resources;

• 28 Different ways to Market your Products and Services for Profit!

The “Knowledge to Cash” system is a must-get for you if you have knowledge or passion in an area that you want to convert into a business. It is easy to read and follow and contains lot of practical tasks you can complete as you go along. The included Resource List is very relevant and useful and will save you endless hours of searching for the information yourself. This Programme covers from creating your own affordable website to creating and selling your own products.

Though I have been in business for a while, this programme was a wake-up call for me and has helped me go back, review my business and enhance a number of areas especially in marketing and promoting my business. The “KNOWLEDGE TO CASH”system has empowered me; given me the skills and resources I need to enable me to confidently move my business from where it is now, to where I want it to be.

– Confident Queen Genny,

The “KNOWLEDGE TO CASH” system will show you how to look inward, explore how you are wired, and package what you have found into something of value – a service offering that people will pay you money for.

Get the “KNOWLEDGE TO CASH” system today! Do what it says and get ready to be heard by your generation and change Your life and world for the better!

-Eddie Iduoze,

For you or your audience to experience this Training Programme ASAP, email Tobi@ExcelWoman.TV