7 Types of Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business

7 facebook ads

As you may know, Facebook as a Social Media Platform has over 1 billion people on it with 800 million active users daily making it a great place for businesses to promote their Products and Services to their Target Audience.

On the other hand, it’s not as straight-forward as that. Facebook now has a “Pay to Play” Model, meaning, Business owners have to pay Facebook in order to be able to promote their Products and Services to their Target Audience.

The great thing is that you can spend as little as $1 a day on Facebook advertising if you are in the United States and £1 a day if you are in the UK.

You can also target people based on Country, Age, Gender, Language, Interests, Behaviours, Re-target visitors who have visited your website before (known as re-targeting) and even those on your Email List!

There are currently over 1 million advertisers on Facebook spending a whopping $8 billion on their ads, so if you are not making use of Facebook Ads, your competitors are probably doing so!

Below, I will be sharing with you, 7 Basic Types of Facebook Ads that you should know and that can help you Grow Your Business.

1. Page Likes

The Page Likes Ad will help you to connect with your ideal client on Facebook by converting them into fans of your page, that is, them liking your page.

Once members of your target group have liked your page, you must then continue to share great content with your fans.


2. Page Post Engagement (Boost Posts)

Your Post may be a Photo, Video or Text.

Your Facebook posts only Reach a limited number of people without (Some statistics say only 1-2% of your Facebook fans) making use of Facebook ads. When you boost your posts, you increase the reach, that is, the number of people that will see your post, this then gives rise to more engagement in form of post likes, comments, shares, as well as, post views.

Be sure to respond to comments and enquiries generated by your Facebook post ad.

fb ad sample



3. Clicks to Website

This is an Ad that you can use to send people to important pages on your website, for example, you may want to send traffic to a specific blog post on your website or even a website page where you are offering something of value.

You have the option of using/testing 3 different images within 1 Facebook ad, this is referred to as a carousel.

fb ad simple


4. App Install

Do you have a mobile app for your business? Then you can use this Facebook app to get your target audience and fans to download


fb ad sample


5. Local Awareness

This is an ad you create if your business is a local one and you are looking to capture the attention of local residents or businesses around you.


6. Event Responses (Advertise your event)

This is an ad to use to promote important events that you may have coming up.


7. Offer Claims

Do you have Discounts and Deals going on? Your audience can get this offer through your Facebook ad and then physically redeem it at your physical store or on your site.

fb ad offer


Whichever Facebook ad you go for, remember that the most important things are: choosing the right audience, a great graphic, Header and Copy (Your text about your page/product/service)

Do you need help creating one or more of these Facebook Ads for your Business?

Simply send an email to Tobi@TobiAwoyemi.com with the type of Facebook Ad you require help with, and I will be glad to help.

(All Facebook Advertising Pictures used are from Facebook.com)