3 Simple Ways to Gain More Clients!

Happy New Year to You! I hope you are enjoying 2012 already.

As Entrepreneurs, one of the top things in our minds for our various Businesses in the New Year is How To Get More Customers Without Breaking the Bank! 

In light of this, I decided to put together 3 Free and Low Cost Marketing Ideas for your Business in 2012 – Just for You. Enjoy!

Email Marketing

This is a method of maintaining a relationship with your customers as well as giving potential customers information about your products and services via e-mail.  In Email Marketing, It is important that you always deliver content that is of value to your readers and make your newsletter or emails stand out by putting a personal touch to it!

There are several Email Marketing Tools on the market that you can use to do this, my top 2 recommendations are Constant Contact andAweber (This newsletter was created using Constant Contact).Constant Contact is very flexible and User friendly while Aweber is said to have one of the highest email delivery rates.

You should collect e-mail addresses of potential customers via “an opt-in” page on your website. This enables you to send information about your products and services to your target audience. You will usually be sending your e-mails and / newsletter to your list or in case of a joint venture, your Venture Partner’s list as well as yours.

E-mail Marketing is your online equivalent of direct mail marketing and is a great way to keep in touch with your client as well as establish yourself as an authority in your area of Business.

Content Ideas for your Newsletter / E-mail include:

  • Case Studies
  • “How To”
  • Hint and Tips
  • FAQs
  • Your thoughts and Opinions on your Subject Matter


Ask for Referrals

Ask for referrals from your customers either via email, at live events or in your newsletter. Make sure to offer your customers something in return for the referral, for example, a discount when they purchase their next product or service from you.  That way, you encourage them to buy again from you and also get a referral!


Create an Email Signature

Every Email you send out should have a signature at the bottom, which should include, Your Business Name, Website Address and Contact Information. You could also add a 1-liner on what your Business is about.

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