Here are some of my Training Topics. Please note that sessions can be tailor-made to your audience; just ask!

from "gift to greatness" - finding & fulfilling your god-given purpose

Duration: 45-60 Minutes

Are you feeling stuck, struggling with a lack of fulfilment or Clarity on your God-given Purpose? 

In this session, Tobi takes you Step by Step through Your:

  • Why
  • Who
  • How
  • Where and
  • Which

At the end of the session, attendees will have more Clarity on the various aspects of the discovery, development and deployment of their Purpose to serve others on this Earth.

How to Brand your Business (Gain Visibility and Create Awareness), Attract New Clients and Grow Your Business with Social Media 


At the end of this In-depth Training Programme, attendees will have created a plan that includes:

  • Which Social Media Platforms are Ideal for your Business and where to find your Target Audience
  • How to create winning Social Media Profiles and keep your Brand Consistent
  • What to Post on Social Media, When to Post and How often to Post
  • How to Create Awareness and Visibility for Your Brand with Social Media
  • How to create a Social Media Calendar that will Save You Time and Get You more Clients
  • How to attract your Ideal Client on Social Media
  • How to Build a Community with Social Media
  • How and Where to Find Your Ideal Client on Social Media
  • How to Build your Email List (grow a database of potential clients) with Social Media
  • How to Generates Sales and Clients with Social Media

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Women Do Business

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You will find answers spanning the topics of - Start-up, Marketing, Upscaling, Operations Management and much more.

Whatever stage you are in Business, "Women Do Business" promises to empower you for the next level!