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This month, we are featuring “Bola Iduoze” of “Debt to Wealth”. Enjoy!

Bola Iduoze of "Debt to Wealth"












Please tell us your name and the name of your Business

I am Bola Iduoze and my business is called “Debt to Wealth”


For the benefit of our readers, what is your Business website address?

My website address is


Which part(s) of the World are you located?

We are located in the UK but available online – and so globally.


What does your Business do?

We offer Training and consultancy on How to move from being in debt to reducing and eliminating your debts as well as creating an income for yourself.


What Products and / Services do you offer your Customers?

We currently offer a Training package made up of a set of CDs and a workbook on How to get from “Debt to Wealth”. We also offer 1-to-1 consultations either online or face to face.


How do you get your Products and / Services to your Customers?

We make our products and services available online and on a face to face basis where requested.


How did you start your own Business?

I started with a FREE webinar and then went on to create and produce the “Debt to Wealth” CDs/DVDs and a workbook. I also did a live seminar on getting from “Debt to Wealth”.


Name 1 or 2 successes you have experienced in your Business?

My main successes have been my running successful “Debt to Wealth” webinars as well as a successful live seminar on eliminating debt and creating wealth!


What would you say is your No 1 Challenge in Business?

My No. 1 challenge is being able to make our products and services available to more people.


What one piece of advice would you give a Mum starting out in Business?

I would say dedication and passion are very essential. Also, give it time to grow.


Thank you

Thank you


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