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I will start with DREAM
Have a dream
Have a project
Have something you are working towards
Have something that fuels your passion
Gives you fulfilment and gives you joy as you do it
I believe your dream is from God,
He placed it in your heart for a purpose, which is usually to be a blessing to others and also to you.
Break your dream down into manageable goals
Have a Dream!

Then, DO
Take action
Action preceeds results
Step out
Try things out
Make use of God-given opportunities
Ask God for courage
Ask God for strength
Ask God for grace
He will be with you
He will not leave you nor forsake you
Take Courage from God’s word
Step out in faith!

Decide to do something daily towards your big dream
Work towards your goals
Dont focus on how long it will take
Focus on the steps you want to make
Take a step forward in the direction of your dreams everyday
Like one walking down a path
Sooner or later, you are there
The most important thing is this,
Keep taking one step after the other
Never give up on your Dreams!

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