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This week, I am answering a number of questions form the Excel Woman TV Show, including:

  • What is the Key to satisfying my Customers?
  • What Should I look for in Hiring new staff?
  • Should I get a Franchise or Start-up on my own?
  • How can I run my Retail Business from Home?

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QUESTION: What is the Key to Satisfying my Customers?

  • Make things clear. Be clear on the products and servicesyou provide, as well as, your terms and conditions.
  • Maintain integrity: Be true to your words. Don’t turn your customers off, as negative word of mouth can be bad for business. Always strive to give and leave a good impression.
  • Go the extra mile: It’s the extra that you give your customers that will differentiate you from your competitors!
  • SMILE!!! That’s a language everyone understands regardless of where they are in the world.

QUESTION: What Should I Look for in Hiring New Staff?

The first question to ask yourself is this: ‘is this person a good fit for this role’?

  • Does this person have similar or the necessary experience for this role? (this is important, but not necessarily enough)?
  • Consider the potential for development. Sometimes people are at a particular point where they are a clear fit for your business, but do you want them to stay that way or will you train them for higher roles?
  • Do they have the potential for what you want? Can you see this in them?
  • Are they a team player? Ask questions about their experience working with other teams. If your goal is to grow your business, there will be other individuals in your business from time to time. Any member of staff you hire needs to be able to work with others effectively.
  • They should ideally be enthusiastic about the role. You want someone who is happy to work with you and your business. As individuals, we all have particular areas we are passionate about, but he/she should be generally enthusiastic about their role.
  • Good presentation is also key and very important. The first impression really does matter. They should be appropriately dressed and keep to time.

QUESTION: Should I get a Franchise or Start-up on My Own?

A franchise is a great idea. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Some of the advantages may include:

  • Everything is all set and ready for you – a sort of “Business in a Box”.
  • Contacts such as suppliers already exist and are readily accessible to you.
  • You have an avenue for sales as there is a ready-made target audience, especially if the franchise is a successful brand.

Some of the disadvantages may include:

  • There might be details in methods you don’t agree with but will not be allowed to change due to set processes, in essence, it will be very difficult for processes and systems that have been put in place to be changed for you.
  • Most successful and established franchises are usually deemed to be on the expensive end, in terms of the cost of purchasing a licence.

QUESTION: How Can I Run my Retail Business from Home?

  • You can create your own online store using various tools available online.
  • You can have your online store on already established platforms such as Amazon, EBay, Etsy, etc
  • You can set up a pop-up stall from time to time in markets, events and exhibitions on a regular basis.
  • You can also go for the “shop in a shop” alternative; where you pay a certain percentage of your sales to the shop owner who showcases your products in their store. For example, a fashion store can stock your jewellery, and you get a percentage on every sale made based on a pre-agreed contract.

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