From Hobby to Home Business Idea

Turn what you know about your hobby into a product
What to do: Write an A-Z or “need to know” book / e-book about your hobby. Your hobby may be swimming, golf, line dancing, singing, reading, crafts like sewing, knitting, games, parties or anything worth doing at all. Sell your book to your “niche” market – they will have an interest in the contents of your book.
Skills Needed: A good knowledge of your hubby and the ability to search the internet for information.
How much will it cost to start: You can start this business with absolutely nothing if you choose. Get a free domain name and web hosting online and use a website builder to build your website. Alternatively, you may purchase these online and should only cost you about £20 (website builders are usually free). If you would like a website designer to design your website, they usually charge anything from £250. 

How much will I earn: This is dependent on how many books you sell. An e-book will not cost you anything to produce so you have 100% of your profits.

What do I need: Computer, Internet connection, free PayPal account.
Free Marketing tools: Facebook, Twitter, “tell a friend”, linkedin.
Free Domain names, web hosting and website builder:
Search engines for your research:
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