How to Inspire your Team to Success


7 Ways to Inspire Your Team in Network Marketing

A question that often comes up in Network Marketing is – How do I motivate my team?

It’s NOT possible to motivate another person but You can INSPIRE them through your actions and efforts and THEN, motivation will come from within the individual.

 Motivation is something each person must get on their own

 Here are 7 ways to Inspire Your Team to become Motivated:

1. Be in action yourself

Do you have a company top performer’s list or team building challenge?
Be on it so that your team see and know that you believe and
are taking action.
2. Recognise achievements – both big and small.
The size of accomplishments vary person to person and
small steps grow to giant leaps, so appreciate and recognise all achievements
3. Have tools and trainings to educate and interact with the team
4. Be accessible ‐ return emails and phone calls.
Take time to ask how things are going and
make note of important dates and celebrations such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.
5. Consider having contests, challenges and incentives within your team.
They don’t have to be complicated or expensive.
Start small and see what works!
6. Attend all Live and online company events yourself and encourage your team to attend.
7. Schedule get-togethers: coffee and small team gatherings at events and whenever possible.
The bonding and friendships created can really sustain and
inspire the team to move forward.


To Your Success,