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This month, we are featuring “Chichi Akujuaobi” of “Needles on the ChaseEnjoy!


Please tell us your name and the name of your Business

I am Chichi Akujuaobi and my business is called “Needles on the Chase


For the benefit of our readers, what is your Business website address?

My website address is


Which part(s) of the World are you located?

Derbyshire, UK


What does your Business do?

I sell modern handmade baby items such as blankets, burp cloths, diaper pouches and more. All made by me in my home. They are mostly made to order, custom made, designed by the customer using fabric and print swatches I provide them with. I sell all my items online.


How did you start your own Business?

After my First degree and Masters, I got married and got pregnant soon after. We decided that it was better I stayed home with our son. Being quite a restless person, I decided to revisit my passion in craft. I had to think of it as an income generator not just a hobby. So I did some research and discovered an area that I felt was lacking in the UK (Custom made baby items) and I went for it. Also being obsessed with fabric, there was no stopping the options I offered my customers. 


Name 1 or 2 successes you have experienced in your Business?

When I started my custom order blankets, I had a few discouragements about prices of items from a friend. The thing is I use high quality fabrics that stand the test of time and I am aware that not everyone is too bothered about a high quality baby blanket but I believed in what I was doing. I was determined to reach that parent who loves the unique, handmade, high quality custom baby blanket designed by them….and I did!! My “designed by you” baby blankets have done so well even I am amazed.


What is your No 1 Challenge in Business?

Knowing when to pack up the sewing machine and rest. It is very hard for me as I am very passionate about what I do and always bursting with new ideas.


What one piece of advice would you give a Mum Starting out in Business?

Do your research, it always pays off. No amount of research is wasted. Check out the competition, what extra you can offer above the competition. Research about suppliers or manufacturers, who can give you a better deal to increase your profit margin. 


Thank you

Thank you


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