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Most of us have knowledge and experience in a specific area (oftentimes in an area we are passionate about as well) that we can use to serve others.

Furthermore, because we are passionate about this area, we live it, breathe it, talk about it, practice it and want to enlighten others about it.

And the icing on the cake…..Profit from IT – this specific area of Passion, Experience and Knowledge!

How exactly can you Profit from This area?

Well, I answer the question below, specifically in the area of Leadership but you can use the same principles in any area of Passion, Experience and Knowledge!

Question: How can I package my knowledge of leadership into products and services?

I love packaging knowledge into products and services but the very first step to take is to find a niche area in leadership. What kind of leadership are you talking about and looking to specialize in?

Also, figure out your target audience. Is it first, second and third level management? This makes it easy for you to tailor your content. It’s better to be master of a particular area than being a jack of all trades.

What are your product and services?

For Spiritual Leadership for instance, what kind of eBooks, online, audio and video courses would you like to make available? For corporate leadership, is it how to manage mid-size and large organizations? You need to focus on what digital product is best for your target audience. Will they prefer hard copies of your books, eBooks or audio books? You need to put these into consideration.

You might also think about having live workshops, seminars etc. where you have a live venue; pick a topic and start marketing the event before the set date. People come in on that day and you impact them with information on corporate leadership, spiritual leadership or whatever your niche is.

You can also offer 1:1 coaching, people like this because you are focused on them. Having a 1:1 conversation with your audience allows them to express themselves. You can also have a group coaching where people are on a 6-month program with you or a twelve month program with you. Part of this can be group calls via applications like Skype, zoom, etc.

You can also have an online community; an online membership program, where people pay to join and learn from you.

All these services above are priced: the coaching programs, the mentoring, the group coaching.

Your digital products – audio books, eBooks etc. are low priced and so they can become passive income for you.

How do you market this product and services?

Position yourself as an authority in this field: Share tips from your area of expertise (experience). Write articles. Blog. Share quotes from your niche area.

You can then go into joint ventures with your business colleagues. Who do you know that has access to your target audience? For instance, you have a friend who is a social media manager for churches; and you are into spiritual leadership, she can open up that target audience for you. She might want to get paid for that, make sure that you both reach an agreement on payment before going into the joint venture.

You can also go have teleseminars (audio online seminars) and webinars (video online seminars). Always remember to give 80% value and 20% promotion.



Question: How can I package the Jewelry that I make into Products and Services that people pay for?

You can start by setting up your own online store or set up a store via already established online platforms such as Ebay, Amazon and Etsy.

To get more visibility and sales for your business, you can drive traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to your online store.

As you make more sales and acquire positive feedback; you can start teaching others how to make jewellery as well via workshops and online courses.

Lastly, you can teach others not only how to make jewellery, but How to set-up and build their own successful Jewellery Business just like You!

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