Run in This Direction…

Every now and again, I remember an experience from secondary (high) school that taught me a great lesson.

The Story

I had given my life to Christ (become a born again Christian) for the first time at the school church over the weekend, and was now working very hard to live this new life the right way (by the way, that could be a set up for failure, as we can do nothing on our own, except with God).

Well, the very next day, my “cool” friend who I often wanted to impress asked me a question, and I lied!

I do not remember what she asked or what I said, but there is one thing I remember very clearly:

I remember thinking, I have already lied, what’s the use of this “christian born again” thing,

I might as well forget about it, and I did (for a number of year)!

But what I should have done was ask God (who is always ready to forgive us and keeps no account of our wrongs)

for forgiveness, get up again, and continued in this path of a new and abundant life in Christ.

I have sometimes wondered how far i might have gone on my journey with God if I had stayed (and not given up)

on the “born again christian” path then, but I have stopped wondering and chosen to believe in the sovereignty of God (besides, I have had some great and fun times😁 with God on this journey that make “what ifs” irrelevant)

What I Learnt!

In the face of challenges, RUN TO JESUS and not the other way.

I run to Him in the Word, Prayer, Relevant Sermons and Books – MORE OF HIM at that particular time like no other, to encapsulate, marinate and fill me.

It is with Him that YOU AND I can do ALL things,

It is with Him that there is Victory, Hope, Deliverance, Joy, Healing and ALL that we may need.

#ExcelWoman, Let’s run to Jesus, both in the face of challenges and in the face of Victory, absolutely ALL answers lay with him.

Have an amazing rest of your week



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