10 Tips to Build your Brand on Instagram

10 Instagram Branding Tips

In this day and age, most businesses now make use of social media marketing for the purposes of promotion, marketing and of course to enhance their business sales.

Instagram as a social media platform offers a great opportunity for small business owners (and even large corporates) to build their business brands Free as well as reach a wide audience (Instagram how has 300 million users). One of Instagram’s main advantages in helping a Business build their brand is due to the fact that it is a phot-sharing platform, that is content shared is mostly visual, allowing brands to be able to show their target audience what they are about, as well as the products and services they have to offer.

Below are 10 Tips that will help build your Brand on Instagram:

  1. The first step to building your brand on Instagram is registering and completing your Instagram profile, as this will give your viewers of your account relevant details about your brand and its specialties.

Be sure to use a good picture of yourself or a Business Logo if you prefer. Also include How you can help your target audience achieve the particular goal they are trying to reach for example, lose weight, make more sale or become more confident.

  1. Regularly post behind-the-scenes pictures of what happens in your business. Whether it is an event, a contest, a new project or anything that might interest your target audience, be sure to showcase it.


  1. Provide information, that is, some text around every image you post. It doesn’t have to be too long, think about it as micro-blogging – just provide a small text with some useful information regarding the picture.


  1. Build your brand by following, liking and commenting on posts by your target audience. Also be sure to comment and like posts from similar brands and this way the people linked with those brands will come to know of yours and it will prove lucrative to your business. These steps will also increase your number of followers eventually.


  1. Take effort to have regular contests. You can do this once a month initially to help you promote your brand quickly on Instagram.Encourage more people to participate and offer suitable gifts which will you’re your followers motivated.


  1. Use Hashtags, for example, #WeightLossCoach. This is basically you tagging your posts/pictures/videos with relevant keywords that your target audience search for. This offers the opportunity for those people interested in the “Hashtags” you use to become followers and even clients.


  1. Apart from images and texts, videos are also a great way and definitely a break from the usual.

You can post as many videos as you like on Instagram (don’t overdo it, 5-7 posts a day on Instagram will help grow your brand and business quickly) as long as each video is no longer than 15 seconds. Portray only that which you feel will enhance your brand image and sales.

  1. Keep your followers aware of anything new that your brand engages in so they know you care and are very much a part of what you do. If you are rolling out a new product or service, make the use of a teaser campaign and keep them guessing with hints till it’s finally time to unravel the curtains.


  1. Make sure to establish an effective and practical posting schedule. You cannot post once and then disappear for months. Be regular and update often as this will build the trust factor between you and your followers and they will also show a keen interest in your brand overtime.


  1. Keep the lines of communication open and going smooth. Try and follow back some of those who follow you especially if they are your target audience. Allocate some time to reply to all the messages your followers leave on your posts

Basically it goes to say that effective and regular communication will work wonders in building your business brand.

Do you have questions on How to Grow Your Business with Instagram? 

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