10 ways to use Images to Build Your Business on Instagram

10 ways to use images on instagram

Did you know that the photo-sharing app, Instagram is used by over 300 million active users monthly and 75 million daily?

People are taking to this social media platform to share their experiences, keep in touch with their loved ones and most importantly, share photos and videos? But the best part is – Instagram has been a great marketing tool for many entrepreneurs, small business owners and even large corporations.

Here are some tips on how you can make your images on Instagram improve your Business Brand and its revenue:

  1. Share tips that are relevant to your Products or Services using Images

When you share images that closely relate to what you deal with, people start identifying you with them more often and you are called upon the next time they need that particular product/service.

One way to convey these tips even better is by using relevant images that drive across the message to your Target audience.

A few places to get free images include – Pixabay.com and picjumbo.com

You can also benefit by using Twitter handles or hashtags associated with your company, products and/or services to make your pictures more memorable.

  1. Share Inspirational messages using Images

Inspirational quotes and messages are big on Social media now due to the positivity they bring and create. A good way to make use of this, is to add Inspirational and positive test to images and then share them on Instagram.

  1. Keep things clean and friendly online.

Remember, Instagram is a HUGE wave that has overtaken even Facebook and Twitter in terms of engagement and growth. So consciously decide which photographs would be good for your image and that of your business and upload them on the app.

In essence, do not share negative or rude images.

  1. Instagram photos are characterised by Pictures that have been edited to look even better!

There are plenty of quality-enhancing tools available within (and outside of) Instagram that you can use to make your photos look more attractive.

Try experimenting with the various filters and colours to liven up your images easily!

  1. Make sure to upload good quality images

You don’t need a pro to take an image and upload it to Instagram but make sure the images you are sharing are not blurred – but of good quality.

A good quality photo taken with a smart phone is always acceptable.

  1. Be consistent.

When you are “in the scene”, you don’t fade from memories but keep demand for your business and services alive. Be sure to share inspiring, educational and entertaining images regularly (at least once a day) – don’t just disappear and leave your followers wondering.

On the other hand, be careful not to go overboard by sharing multiple images at the same time.

  1. Involve as many people as you can.

Viewers and followers love reading more about your Business so it’s a good idea to share “behind-the-scenes” images of your products, services and yourself.

People are curious and want to know. In addition, this will give your Business a more humane touch.

  1. Choose the attractive photos and upload them on Instagram.

Needless to say, beauty attracts people. So if there are bright colourful photos that are bound to capture a viewer’s interest, go ahead and upload them and see how they entice your customers or followers to ask for more from you.

  1. Share a good rapport with your fellow Instagrammers.

So if there is a competitor whose photo you think you can use to your benefit while keeping friendly competition alive and don’t break any laws in the process, go ahead and share them in your account. This lets people think you are not worried about competition but are in fact strong enough to support it, in a healthy manner.

One app you can use to share other people’s images credibly is the repost app.

  1. Share your followers’ photos if you think they will help boost your sale.

They may have incredible photos of your service or products that even you may not have.

As mentioned above, you can use the repost app to share others’ images credibly.

Finally, remember that photos speak more than long words or paragraphs! 

Do you have questions on How to Grow Your Business with Instagram? 

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