10 Instagram Strategies to Grow Your Business

Instagram Strategy

  1. The Visibility Factor

Show your followers your Products and Services and how they work by sharing various photos of your products and services. This could be pictures of your products being used or even created, pictures of you or a team member delivering a service to a client and so on.

You must be careful to share this photos in a creative way and not in a salesy manner. In addition, do not i share only photos of your products and services so that you do not bore or turn off your audience.

Remember, Photos talk more volumes than words so be sure to share those photos!

  1. Get Popular with Instagram Contests

Everybody likes to win!

If you want your Instagram account to grow even further, then its time you consider engaging all your followers in a soft competition. Use a unique and fun hashtag and get your audience to Like, Comment and Tag others in your posts for the chance to win a prize. You can even get your audience to share photos of them using your products and services and include your unique #hashtag for the competition.

This allows you to get personal and in touch with followers which is a great step ahead in marketing. Great companies like Mercedes and Dunkin’s Donuts have taken this path to their victory.

  1.  Give a Sneak Peek

Most people are curious.

Followers love to see what happens behind your doors. If you have new products or services that are being launched or just have an event coming up, airing sneak peeks makes you get personal with your followers and also lets them know that you have a really wonderful product in the offering.

  1. Remember to add the Human Element

More Often than not, followers like to know more about you, like the products and services that you offer. They would like to see more than your profile, who really is behind the computer in order to get a real up-close contact with whom they are following. To satisfy this need, you might consider sharing pictures of what you get up to outside of work every once in a while, such as time spent on hobbies and with family.

  1. Take your followers with you

Everybody likes an adventure. Take your followers along with you on the journey. Share all that you can by posting photos of events you host and / attend, conferences, Product creations and so on. This will make followers feel like a part of your brand, know and trust you more, and of course, buy from you.

  1. Take it to the Next Level

Take posting to the next level by posting videos also. If photos speak volumes then video does that twice as much.

Instagram’s new feature Vine lets you post short 15-second long videos. You can also put together a set of Photos to create a Video using an app like Flipagram.

  1. Extend your Reach

It is a good idea to screen your followers, find super fans or potential clients within those followers and then send them a personal note appreciating their following you and letting them know you are available to help them with any enquiries they might have or help that they need. Be sure not to pitch them on any of your products or services in your first message.

Instagram’s feature, Instagram Direct lets you send mails to your followers. Reaching out to these followers and letting them know you are open and available to them and their needs will boost your market and also make them feel special.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can expand the reach of your content so your target audience can find you, give more exposure to your brand when your #hashtag is used and even enable you find your target audience using their own #hashtags.

You should always use hashtags that define what you do, such as #MakeUpArtist, #LifeCoach, #Event Planner and so on.

You can also use hashtags that are unique to a particular event, contest or campaign you are running.

Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags although certain statistics say using 11 Hashtags gets the best level of engagement on your Instagram Posts.

  1. Create your own Theme

Everybody loves a great ambiance; this is just the case even if you have a physical store. So create the particular look and feel of your Business that you want your audience to experience when they come to your Instagram account. This will make your followers begin to recognise your brand always and also get used to what you and / your Business is about.

  1.  Inspire as you go

Most people are inspired by positive messages and love them! Share Inspirational quotes and positive messages using photos on your account. This will definitely attract more people to your account and create more engagements in form of Likes, Comments and your followers tagging their friends!

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