18 Reasons to have a Blog for your Business

18 Reasons to have a Business Blog Post

Do you dream of success in your business? Then it is high time you start a business blog, if you haven’t started one already. If you already have a business blog, the reasons below will help you solidify the need to have a blog for your Business.

Business blogs are the best way to get connected with your potential customers. Whether you own a home or small business, blogging is an integral part of your online content marketing. If you do not have a business blog at all or you are not consistent with your blog, it is high time you start one or get serious with it as you might just be left behind by your competitors.

Let us have a close look at some of the major reasons to have a business blog:

  1. A blog can be a direct channel of communication with your potential and current customers. Through blogs it becomes easy to share information and updates with customers.


  1. Surveys prove that almost 60% of the business owners who blog can get hold of new customers compared to the ones who do not blog.


  1. Blogs can be the heart of all your online content marketing. Blog posts can be used for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, newsletters and a host of other content-related channels.


  1. A blog is a voice for your business. Through blogs you make people aware of new products or services that you might launch soon.


  1. It is also a great way to tell people that you are a leader in your area of business. You have the acumen to think differently.


  1. If you have the habit of writing a business blog you actually stay focused on your content marketing strategy. It is imperative that you stick to a routine when it comes to blogging.


  1. Business blogs are a great way to create free Press Releases. Bloggers are often interviewed on their area of expertise which very often gives the Business more exposure.


  1. A blog is a great way to connect with customers, it can be an effective platform to increase sales as well as build customer relationships – as you continue to share value on your blog.


  1. Business experts are of the opinion that blogs can make you a leader in your business world and not just a follower.


  1. Blogs can be used to give customers more insight into your organization. You can share your story, the story of your employees and your business philosophy as well.


  1. One of the most effective attributes of business blogs is that they are cost effective. With every post you publish, you actually build brand awareness among your customers at little or no cost whatsoever.


  1. If you blog regularly, you gain an insight to your customers and you are in a better position to understand their demand curve.

   13. Blogging is a great way to drive higher traffic to your website. Not only that, even the traffic that is directed to your website might get converted to sales.


  1. If you are constantly creating and sharing helpful content for your target audience via your blog, this can establish you as an authority in your area of expertise.


  1. Blogs can be effective for Search Engine Optimization as well. This is because SEO values good quality content and as a result your website might see a high rank in search results.


   16. Even if you are not a professional designer, there is no reason to worry as there are now several blogging platforms that do not require high-level website design skills.


  1. Business blogs are the best form of two-way communication that business owners can have. You can get comments and feedback from your blog posts that in turn can be utilized to improve your business.


 18. Business blogs are a great way to get long term results in your business, for example, Long term customers who you continue to build a relationship with via your blog, have come to know and trust you and will always buy from you.




  1. Importantly, business blogs can be a source of inspiration for you. Once you start blogging, you will soon realize that you are overwhelmed with ideas all around you.

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