25 Web Tools & Apps to Create Amazing Visual Content

25 Web tools & Apps for Visual Content

Do you want to create visual content, but do not know where to start from?

Well, today, I will be introducing you to numerous tools and apps which you can use to create a visual content of your choice.

You can create visual content of your choice both on your smart phone as well as in your laptop.

Below, we will be exploring some of the amazing tools and apps that would aid us in creating magnetic visual content as well as tickle our creative minds!

Some of the web-based tools for creating fast, easy, and great looking Visual Content for your blog or Social Media Content are:

  • Pinwords a free website which allows you to create images from texts
  • Pinstamatic another great tool which can create images from text
  • LiveLuvCreate can create text quotes and has the option of numerous ready-made backgrounds
  • Canva is a free and popular website tool with numerous templates and backgrounds. You can also get free images to add to your visual content or pay a low-cost fee of $1 for specific images.
  • Picmonkey is a free photo-editing online tool with numerous filters, fonts and text style to choose from.
  • Quozio is a simple and fast tool with 28 different quote styles
  • ReciteThis another free tool, is known for its sleek and sophisticated templates. It has as many as 42 template varieties
  • ProQuoter is a free tool that is simple to use and it comprises a large variety of quote styles. It has as many as 40 styles from which you can choose the one most compelling

A few other tools web-based tools for creating visual content include:

  • Quote4Fun
  • QuotesCover
  • Share as Image Pro
  • Chrome Eye Dropper

If you have a liking for visual content your creative fire might ignite anytime, even at a time when you do not have a PC or laptop nearby. However, there is no reason to feel disappointed as there are several apps which you can conveniently use from your smart phone.

Some of the most commonly used apps are:

  • Pixlr Express is a quick and fun app to use. It is an app suitable to be used from an iPhone, but you can use it as a web based tool also. It offers three levels of editing. Besides these the three most interesting features are image filters, stickers, frames and fonts
  • Rhonna Designs can be used both from Android as well as iPhone. The best description for this app would be an app which is cute, elaborate and filled with stickers. The app is also a perfect one for digital scrapbooking from one’s phone.
  • Over is yet another simple and effective app which can be used both from iPhones and iPads. The most striking feature of this app is that you can switch out the images you are using. This is useful when you are creating layouts and want to change the text or the font
  • Word Swag my current personal favourite, an iPhone based app is a funky one allowing the user to create super funny and fashionable pictures
  • Instagram is known for its superb ability to convert any average image into a beautiful one. The photo editing tool embedded in it can do wonders to your photos. This app is available both on iPhone and Android
  • Photogrid is a powerful tool available both on the iPhone and Android. It is mostly used to create graphics. The app allows a user to import non-square shaped photos to a square shaped background. With this app you can also edit background, add borders, and add text overlays to images

Besides the above mentioned tools and apps which can be used to create visual content there are a few others which can be of great help if you seek to create a pictorial depiction of your text.

They include:

  • Piktochart
  • Easley
  • Skitch
  • Pictaculous
  • Unsplash
  • Foton
  • Timeline Slicer

The 25 tools and apps which have been mentioned here are not at all an all-inclusive list.

These are the tools and apps which are most commonly used and give a brilliant result as well. There are many other tools which you can download depending on your requirement.

However, you can be sure of one thing, with the above tools available, there is no reason to hinder your creative insight when it comes to the development of visual content!



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