3 Ways to Find Content for Your Home Business Blog‏

This week, I want to answer the question, where do I find the content to put on my blog?

Blogging is a great way to share value, your thoughts, knowledge and know-how with the world as well as increase the number of your home business customers and sales.

One of the main worries of home business owners who would like to blog about their products or services is — where do I get the value and information to put on my blog?

I would like to start by saying, It will be easy to create content for your blog if you are passionate about what you do, hence, we say, its great if you love what you do.Also bear in mind If you are worried about writing a blog post, a blog can also be in form of a video or even an audio (podcast).So, 3 ways to Get Content for Your Home Business Blog:

1. Create Your Own content

It can be very easy to create your own content if you have a guideline. Some of the easy ways to create your own content are:

1.1. Lists – for example 5 ways to….., 7 steps to ……., 10 tips for ….
1.2. “How to” information, for example, How to boil an egg!
1.3. Review a product
1.4. Interview customers or experts and publish the interview
1.5. Do a Survey and publish the results

2. Private Label Articles

Private Label Content comes in many different formats, including PLR reports, ebooks, articles, graphics, templates and even videos.

This is content that has already been created which you can then buy online and make use of on your own blog.

Using private label articles is a viable alternative. 

If you choose the Private Label Articles option, always make sure you buy articles that are relevant to your topic and make an effort to make changes to the article.

This is because due to the fact that these articles are available online for sale, it is no longer unique content. 

The way to make it unique is to make alterations. Add your personality to it!
3. Hire Someone else to do it for You

Lastly, you can hire someone to write your articles for you on freelance websites such as odesk, elance and fiverr.

You can actually get an article written for you from as little as $5 but be mindful of the quality of articles.

Have a good read and analyse the article before posting it to your blog.

So, go ahead and share some value with the world!


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