3 Ways to Market Your Home Business in 2014

There are some Top Internet Marketing Strategies, we as Home Business owners must implement and embed into marketing our businesses in 2014, in order to adequately compete with other businesses serving the same target market as us and ultimately succeed in our businesses.
I will be sharing 3 of those strategies:
1. Content Marketing
As a Home Business Owner marketing your Business Online, you must share content or information which is of value with your target market, that is, the group of people that your products or services serve.
You can share valuable content with your target market through Social Media, Articles on your Website, Videos, Newsletters, etc.
Content Marketing or “giving value”, allows you to build rapport with your target audience, build a loyal following for your Business and be seen as a Solution Provider.
2. Diversification of Social Media Presence
Although Facebook and twitter currently dominate the social media scene, it will become necessary for business owners to diversify their social media presence in order to be able to engage with potential customers on a variety of platforms that are becoming increasingly popular such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.This diversity in social media presence also increase the number of people home business owners can reach.

3. Photos and Videos

Currently, photos on Facebook receive 53% more likes than posts without and articles with relevant images receive an average of 94% more views than those without.In essence, posts that contain photos and videos outperform does that don’t in terms of engagement such as likes, shares and comments.So, in order to reach more people, that is, get more customers looking at your content, you must include images and / videos in the content you share with our target market.So consider these 3 top internet market strategies for your Home Business Success in 2014!

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