4 Simple Steps to Marketing your Home Business on Facebook


  1. Create a Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is the Home Page of your Business on Facebook. A Page is a lot like a regular Facebook profile, but for brands and businesses.

Make Sure your cover photo and profile photo reflect yourself and / your Business positively.

Make sure you describe what your Business does in the “About” section so that whenever anyone visits your facebook Business Page they get an idea of what you offer.

Finally, make sure you claim your unique Facebook Page URL/Link which normally appears in the form of www.facebook.com/(MyBusinessName)

Note: You can claim your business’ unique facebook URL once your page has 25 likes!


  1. Get people to like your page and become fans

There is no use having a facebook Business Page if you have no fans, that is, no one sees your page.

You can immediately start building followers by making use of the “Build Audience” tab in your Admin area.

This allows you to invite your facebook friends and your email contacts to “Like” your page.

You can also share your Facebook page on your personal profile so your friends can go and like your page.

Lastly, make sure your unique Facebook Page URL/ Link is on your Business Card and is a part of your Signature in your outgoing emails as these 2 can also drive people to your Facebook Page.

To be Continued

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