How To Write and Self-Publish Your Own Book!

5 Steps to Self-Publishing and Selling Your Own Book


Self publishing your own book will position you as an expert in your field, make you money from book sales as well as promote other products and services that you offer your clients through the credibility you achieve by being an author.

So today, going straight to business, I am going to show you just how to do that – Self-Publish Your Own Book and Make Money from it!


1. What will you write?

Write about something you know about, for example, weddings, events, home decoration and pregnancy. Then choose a specific topic in this area, based on our previous examples below, African Weddings, Corporate Events, DIY Home Décor and Nutrition in Pregnancy.

Make sure you choose an attractive title that will pull in your prospective readers, that is, your specific target market, for example, “How to Re-decorate Your Home Yourself for £500 or less!!!”

Also check out similar titles to your book and take a look at the style of writing, formatting, number of pages and book size.


2. Paperback or eBook: Decide what format you would like to publish your book in, such as paperback (physical book) or as an eBook. Amazon Kindle (digital format)

For Physical books, you can use a Print –on-demand service such as Lulu. You can print as little as 10 books and as many as you like. If printing a large number of books, it is cheaper to use the traditional offset printer services (it is not advisable to print a large number of books as a first-time author. Stick to about 100 books or less).

With a digital book, you will not need to do any printing, simply format to the acceptable version such as PDF or Amazon Kindle’s format.

You could also make your book available on Audio as an Mp3 file.


3. Design and Formatting: Hire a Graphic Designer to design your Book cover in order to have a professional finish – especially for physical books.

For eBooks (digital books), you will also need a digital cover (eBook cover) to advertise your book on your website and other websites such as Amazon Kindle, Lulu and Blurb.

You may choose to edit and format your book yourself, enlist the help of family or friends or go to sites such as Elance or 0Desk where you can get a professional to do this for you at a low price.


4. Publish Your Book! Get an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) in order to identify your book (You will not be able to sell your Physical Book on Amazon without an ISBN). The cost for 10 ISBNs is about £90 pounds but you can get a single one from ISBN resellers.

Upload your Book for Sale on your website, Amazon, Lulu, Click Bank and anywhere possible.


5. 3 Ways to Market Your Book:

a. Send a message to your email list, family and friends letting them know about your new book and telling them where they can buy it from.

b. Use Social Media to promote your book by “Tweeting” about your Book and “Talking” about it on Facebook. You could also create a page for your book on Facebook where people can “Like” it.

c. Put excerpts of your book on your blog/website, article databases and book communities such as Wattpad, Kindle Boards and Good Reads with a link to where people can buy the full version!!!

All the Best with your New Book and Congratulations in advance!!!


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