Overwhelming Evidence

No, we know where this man comes from; when the Christ arrives, no one is to know from what place He comes – John 7:27 (Amplified Version)

They answered him, Are you too from Galilee? Search [the Scriptures yourself], and you will see that no prophet comes (will rise to prominence) from Galilee – John 7:52 (Amplified Version)

In the above scriptures, the Pharisees and those who were against Jesus were making the above comments. They were sure He was not the Messiah based on “evidence they thought they had”.

Today, we know that Jesus is the Messiah.

This scripture reminds me of something that happened a little while ago. An IT contractor* was working with an organisation and their contract was soon coming to an end. Well-meaning friends and mentors spoke in faith to this contractor saying, your contract will be extended.

This contractor never believed and continued to seek a new contract outside of the organisation.

Why? Because the project they had been hired to work on was now completed, so why would the organisation want to extend the contract?

Well, one day a friend of a friend informed this contractor that there was a vacancy in her team and promised to tell her manager about this friend who was interested in a new role. This individual kept their promise and in a matter of a few days, the manager walked up to the contractor and said, I hear you are looking for a new role, what do you do? Needless to say, in the next 5 minutes, the manager offered this contractor a new contract within the organisation.

My Pastor and Mentor has one (or more times) taught on and testified of how God always makes provision “just in time” for that time when we need “the provision”. Praise God for His mercies, faithfulness and love because to the utter surprise, joy and gratitude of this individual, God provided this new contract role just as the old contract was ending.

My question to you and I is – How will you Judge what God wants to do in your life based on the evidence you think you have today?

One of my favourite scriptures is Luke 18:27 (Amplified Version):

But He said, What is impossible with men is possible with God.

Another Scripture says: Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1 – New International Version).

I encourage you (and myself, also) to this week and always, remember that with God all things are possible, even as we make our decisions on what is possible today and tomorrow.

God Bless You

*By the way, I was that Information Technology Contractor, 5 years ago 🙂