10 Ideas of What to Share on Social Media to Connect With Your Target Audience

Social media has made a huge impact on businesses since it became popular with the introduction of social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and more. The world of social media has become populated by consumers of all demographics, geographic locations and economic groups. This being the case; businesses have seen the potential to sell and market to consumers on a larger scale using these spaces and even connect with their target audiences in ways that were previously unthinkable.

Here are just a few powerful ways businesses can use social media to engage with their target audience:


  1. Sharing Valuable Content

When you focus on sharing valuable content with your clients which they find useful, entertaining or even educational, you end up connecting with the clients beyond just the obvious. This may range from simple how to posts to videos, remember, your primary goal when building content should be to position yourself or brand as the go-to-person for your particular industry, the place where your target audience go to get answers to questions about your area of expertise.


  1. Follow it with a compelling call to action

In competitive times such as now, creating engaging and informative content is sometimes just not enough. No matter how great your content is, if it is not backed up by a catchy headline and a compelling call to action it may not stick with your clients. Telling the clients in the headline what the content will do for them not only guarantees the likelihood of you content being read but also increases the chances of it being shared by your clients without being asked.


  1. Using Games

People like to respond to questions, and they like to be right. Using trivia games to bring in more likes, follows, and traffic is a great way to build up engagement and bring in more customers. It can also be a lot of fun!


  1. The Ego Bait

Studies indicate that having as little as a one single influencer endorsing your content could in turn serve as “ego bait” thereabout producing somewhat of an “Oprah” effect. Quoting the top influencers in your industry and/or mentioning them name automatically sparks the interest of your target audience. Moreover, influencers might share your mention with their audience, and they may link to your content or follow you.


  1. Humor

If it’s the right fit for your brand, business or industry; sharing something humorous every now and then can work wonders to keep your target audience hooked. Humor not only relates with the audience on a personal level but can increase the virality of your campaigns.


  1. Lending Motivation

Studies have shown that inspirational posts are currently one of the most shared content on Social Media.

By sharing simple motivational tips, memes or photos from time to time allows businesses to truly connect with their targeted audiences in ways beyond expected. Be it a simple photo on instagram or tweets about words from the wise, sharing something inspirational definitely helps in building a long lasting connection with your audience.


  1. Reviews and Testimonials

Gone are the days when a business could simply jump towards asking audiences to buy their books, products or services. In competitive times such as now, we need the extra push or the nudge to convince the audience why they should engage in or choose your product or services over your competitors. One sure way of doing that is by sharing reviews and testimonials from your previous clients and making it readily accessible to your potential new clients. From Amazon, to Facebook and even Instagram; sharing client testimonials is indeed one sure way of assuring potential customers of the effectiveness of your product or service.


  1. Celebrating Moments

Sharing key moments of your business and celebrating them with your audience is yet another sure way of engaging your clients. From business milestones to something as simple as a fun weekend BBQ; sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of your business with your audiences allows them to feel like they are already a part of your business. However, the key is to focus on the way you talk about these moments! Remember this is not a press release hence you’re free to loosen up a little with the tone and language you use; as long as it is in line with whom you are and what your business stands for!


  1. Podcasting like a Pro!

Podcasting is yet another effective and portable way to not only connect with your target audience but also build an ongoing relationship with them. A well-conceived podcast allows businesses to create a loyal listener audience that can extend their brand and communicate effectively with their target audience. These podcasts may range from anything like a success stories to tips and how to’s or even sharing a day at work as long as it appeals to your audience and keeps them engaged.


  1. Hosting webinars

Hosting Webinars have proven to be a user friendly and interactive means of connecting with your audience. Customers tend to love the visual aspects of a webinar with live video of the presenter, graphics and slideshows hence you end up reaching larger audience. However, when hosting a webinar, make sure you allow the ability to comment back where your audience can share their opinion and feedback.